MyTodos Page Instructions - A Daily To Do List

This page is for focusing on one project at a time. All your todos are listed for the selected project arranged first by priority then by the name of the todo.

Click on a feature to see how it works then use your Back button Todos Overview
From this page you can:

Complete Your Todos

Enjoy the satisfaction of working hard, checking off your todos and reaching your goals. Click the checkbox Submitto the left of a todo to mark it as complete. The progress bar on the top of the list shows your total percentage complete.

Progress Bar Completed todos Submitare moved to the bottom of the list, italicized and font made smaller. They can be marked incomplete again by unchecking them. Todos older than 7 days are hidden from view but can be shown on the planner screen or by searching.

Add New Todos

Type the name of your new todo in the Quick Entry box and press enter to add it to the list. The cursor is automatically repositioned for your next entry so you may rapidly add multiple todos one after another.

Use the Natural Language Processor to set a todo's due date. For Example:
End of lease on March 18, 2010
Pick up clothes on Wednesday
Finish report on June 3rd
Wash the car tomorrow
Took Jason shopping yesterday
pay gas bill on 23

See more details on how to use this exciting technology.

Use the mini-calendar on the right side of the screen to set the default due date for all new todos, i.e. all new todos you enter are assigned the date you select as their due date. Click the 'Today' button on the top of the calendar to clear the default due date.

You may also click the button to show the Add New Todo dialog box and add new todos from there as well.

Edit Todos

Edit todos in their place by double-clicking on the part of the todo you wish to edit. Double-click on the name of a todo to enable an edit box and press Enter to submit your changes.

For longer todos a larger text area will appear as well as a Submit button which you must use to submit your changes.

Click the Cancel button to cancel your changes or click on another todo outside the edit region to cancel.

Updated todos are briefly highlighted to indicate the change was accepted.

Assign Due Dates

Double-click on a todos due date or the blank area where the due date would appear to pop-up a calendar you can use to set the due date. Click on the 'Today' button on the top of the pop-up calendar to clear the due date.

Set Priorities

Select Priority
A = Next Action/Highest Priority
B = High Priority
C = Medium Priority
D = Low Priority
Z = Not Prioritized/Lowest Priority

Double-click on a todo's priority to enable a priority selection box you can use to set its priority. Select the cancel option or click on another todo to cancel your edit.

Click the Edit icon on the right side of a todo to show the Edit Todo dialog box and edit any of the above todo information from there as well.

Delete Todos

Click on the trash can icon Submit on the right of a todo to pop-up the Delete Todo dialog and click OK to delete the todo.

Search Your Todos

Select PriorityUse the search entry box on the top-right of the screen to search for todos across all your projects. Press Enter to submit your search or click on 'search' just below the search entry box.

You can tag your todos and use search to find them across all your projects. For example, find all the phone calls you need to make or all the errands you have to run. While we don't support tags directly through the interface yet, you can still tag your todos by adding tag names to the end of the todo name.

Share Projects

You can add one or more people to any project and each person will have access to the project from their own project list. Click on SharingSharing: on the right side of the screen to enable the Add Login options.

Enter the login name of the person you want to share the project with and press Enter or click the Add User button to add them to the project.

Remove Project Members

Remove a person from the project by clicking on the trash can Submit icon next to their name. (You must first enable the Add Login options by clicking on
SharingSharing: on the right side of the screen.) Remove yourself from the current project by clicking Edit Project then click on the (SubmitDelete Project) link.

Switch Projects

Choose the project you want to work on from the projects drop down selector on the top-right part of the screen. Projects are color-coded based on colors you can customize.

To change the current project's color click Edit Project then click on the text link "Project Name:" to popup the color picker and choose your color.

Print Your Todo List

Click on the Print icon to print the current todo list. To print all your projects click on (Print All Projects) from the Planner Tab or the Projects Tab page.

Backup & Restore Your Project

Select PriorityTake control of your data with the Backup and Restore feature on the bottom of each list. These options export and import your project in XML format so your todos may be easily shared with other software applications. Use this feature to backup your data, import todos from another application or export your todos.

Get the RSS feed URL

RSS (Really Simple Indication) feeds can be used by various 3rd party applications to monitor the status of your projects or display your todo lists on other websites. Use them to be alerted when new todos are added, completed or changed. For example, add a list to your personalized Google homepage.

To enable RSS for a project, click on the Projects Tab then click on the Edit icon on the right side of the project you wish to enable to show the Edit a Todo List dialog. From there check the 'Allow RSS publication?' option to enable RSS for the project.

Once RSS is enabled an RSS icon will appear at the bottom of your list which contains the link to the RSS feed. Copy this link for use in other 3rd party applications.