Planner Instructions

The Planner offers an intuitive way to plan out your schedule and makes it easy to perform weekly and monthly reviews. The calendar shows only your todos which have an assigned due date. The project lists below show only todos which aren't scheduled yet. Both are sorted first by priority then by name.

Planner Overview
Click on a feature to see how it works then use your Back button

From this page you can:

Add New Todos

Entry BoxThe Quick Entry box defaults to the first project in your list shown on the bottom-left of the screen. Type your new todo in the Quick Entry box and press Enter to add it to the list. The cursor is automatically repositioned for your next entry so you may rapidly add multiple todos one after another.

Use the Natural Language Processor to set a todo's due date. For Example:
End of lease on March 18, 2010
Pick up clothes on Wednesday
Finish report on June 3rd
Wash the car tomorrow
Took Jason shopping yesterday
pay gas bill on 23

See more details on how to use this exciting technology.

Click on any of your project lists to associate the Quick Entry box to that project. The Quick Entry box changes colors to match the project you picked to indicate the project is now ready to accept new todos and the cursor is positioned and ready for your next input.

Edit Todos

Double-click on the todo you wish to edit from the calendar or your project lists to display the todo in the Quick Entry box. Edit BoxThe Quick Entry box changes color to match the todos's project color and the word "EDIT" appears on the top of the box to indicate you are in edit mode. Press Enter to submit your changes or click the cancel icon Cancel to cancel. You can also click on any project list to cancel your edit.

Assign Due Dates

Assigning a due date is an exciting event in the life of a todo. It indicates your intention to complete the task on a specific day and promotes the todo from sleepily waiting amongst a crowd of many to one that is ready for action!

Drag the todo you are ready to schedule onto the calendar and drop it on the day you will complete the task to assign it that due date.

Change a scheduled todo's due date by dragging it to the new day you want to schedule it for and drop on its new date.

Change Due Date

You can unassign a scheduled todo by dragging it off the calendar and dropping it onto its original project list or any other project.

Delete Todos

Delete todos by dragging them over the trashcan icon Trashcan and dropping them. The trashcan shakes Trashcan to indicate your todo is deleted.

Switch Projects

Project SeclectorThe MyTodos Planner shows four projects at once making it easy to see related tasks and move them between projects. Choose a project you want to work on from one of the project drop down selectors on the top of each project list. The project you select is loaded into the list and the Quick Entry box is now ready to accept new todos for the selected project. Projects are color-coded based on colors you may customize.

To change a project's color go to the Projects Tab and click on the color of the project you wish to change to reveal the color selection dialog box.

Move Todos Between Projects

Move todos between projects by dragging them onto the new project you wish to move it to and drop to reassign it. Todos change colors to match their project's list color.

Change Due Date

Mark Todos as Complete/ Incomplete

As you complete your todos, check them off by dragging them onto the completed icon Drop Completed and dropping them. The completed icon shakes Drop Completed to indicate your todo is marked as complete.

Completed todos can also be dropped onto the completed icon to change their status to incomplete again.

Change Calendar Views

The default calendar view is the current week. You can also see two-week and monthly views by clicking the View icons One Week Two Weeks One Month on the top-right of the calendar.

Expand Calendar ViewCollapse Calendar View Expand the view by clicking the Expand View Expand Calendar View icon on the bottom of the calendar, or collapse the view by clicking the Collapse View Collapse Calendar View icon.

See your historic data or future schedule by using the blue navigator arrows Go Back in Time Go Forward in Time located on the top-left and top-right of the calendar. The amount of time they span depends on which view is selected. I.e. the monthly view scrolls ahead or back one month at a time while the weekly view moves only one week at a time.

Show All Overdue Todos

Show All OverdueThe project lists only display todos which haven't been scheduled yet, i.e. they have no due date. Often you'll want to see all your past-due items so you can reschedule them for completion in the future. The first option on each project selector dropdown " Past Due Items " shows all your past-due todos for the selected project.

Weekly Review/ Filters

Performing your weekly review is one of the most important things you can do to for a successful time-management routine. It insures that nothing falls through the cracks and serves as a review and status to monitor your your progress for the goals you want to accomplish. On Sundays, the calendar view shifts to show Sunday as the first day of the week instead of the last as a subtle reminder to do your weekly review.

The planner has a couple of features specifically designed to help you perform your weekly reviews. The default calendar view only shows your incomplete todos. The filters on the top-left of the calendar lets you see only your completed todos Completed FilterCompleted Filter, only your incomplete todos Completed FilterCompleted Filter (default view), or your completed and incomplete todos together Completed FilterCompleted Filter.

The Completed Filter Completed Filter is inactive by default, click this button to show all your completed todos. To hide all your incomplete todos, turn off the Incomplete Filter Completed Filter by clicking on it and your incomplete todos are hidden from view.

Print All Your Projects

Print all your projects by clicking on (Print All Projects) on the bottom left of the page.